The best price for stoeger coach gun supreme for sale online. But I don't know of anybody that makes a coach gun in stainless itself. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. The Stoeger M3500 is a semi-automatic, inertia-action shotgun produced in Turkey. Recover the sight, realign on the target or the next target, and fire the shotgun using the second barrel. Both 2-3/4” and 3” shells. While suitable for bird hunting, clay target shooting, or home defense, it is primarily designed for cowboy action shooting. The barrel of the gun comes right off, you've got easy access to go in there and clean that out. The contemporary (not 19th century original antiques with Damascus or “twist” barrels) double-barrel stagecoach shotgun with 20″ barrels in 12 or 20 gauge remain highly All right, and Cowboy Action Shooting time is your enemy. [CDATA[//>