If you are using a stand mixer, it’s more powerful, so before you get too lose to the final stage, remove the bowl from the stand mixer and whip with your hand whisk. Hi Birdie! However, it did crack when I iced it whilst still slightly warm. Hi Timme! Place the egg and the sugar in a large bowl and beat over the hot water with an electric hand whisk … The matcha cream is the perfect sweetness and flavor as well, I found myself licking it off of my fingers after I put it on the cake itself. I was actually surprised to find the American method is different when I came here. Place the chocolate and cream mixture in the chilled mixing bowl, then beat on low speed and slowly increasing to medium. Do you think 12 mins was even too long? Eg chocolate one? I first ate Matcha roll cake at a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, on their 15 course tasting menu! I’m so so happy to hear you liked this recipe! I chose to leave the matcha out of the cream to create a contrast of colours. But, what do you do with the parchment paper? Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Hi! You can add cocoa or mocha powder to the cake. Sorry to ride on this but when should i add the vanilla essence if i intend to skip the matcha? It will break if it’s cooled down already. If you check Japanese baking recipes (in Japanese), 99% recipes (Just in case some people use American method…) do this chilling method. Call me crazy, but even the relatively small amount of sugar used in this recipe is a little more than I would care for. My family is always looking forward to dishes I make from them! Folding in the yolk mixture then the egg white mixture caused the air the deflate and I ended up accidentally over mixing it to get the dry ingredients to incorporate. Hi can I use a normal baking sheet instead of a jelly roll tray? . Add the dry ingredients. I had leftovers which I stored in the fridge, however the next day the cake was too dry it became hard! Jelly roll cake is 15” x 10” (38 cm x 25 cm) while half sheet is 18″ x 13″ so it’s slightly bigger. Check on it every 10-15 minutes and give it a gentle stir. I just want to ask if its possible to use matcha chocolate bar instead of matcha powder? If you use a convection oven, you need to reduce 25ºF. We are so happy to hear the cake turned out fine with almond milk and your husband loved it! Yes, overnight will be good. https://www.justonecookbook.com/steamed-cake/ (and matcha version too). Look at this link. Because other matcha tea from “culinary use” announces to be more bitter and astringent Thanks for your help, Hi Ruth! I made this Matcha Swiss Roll for a little party and it went down a treat! Hi Nami, may I know why is my matcha swissroll tasted dense and little dry and the whipped cream doesn’t look as moist. Hi Sherlynn! It should work as I make Japanese recipes sometimes and my American large egg works too. Yes, you can definitely do that. When the cake is completely cool, combine the heavy cream, sugar, and matcha powder in a large bowl. An egg separator can come in handy. Thank you for trying this recipe! My cake came out incredible, I couldn’t believe it as I saw this recipe to be way out of my capability but gave it ago anyway. 1st the Match Green Tea and the othe is the mocha flavor. Thanks. Hi Melissa! Required fields are marked *. In general, we never use creme of tartar but hold the egg whites very well. I think it got absorbed by the cake. I’m curious! Stay safe! 6 / 67g left. Hope that helps! Next time, I might experiment with rolling it when it has cooled down a bit, but still slightly warm to touch, and “workable”. Roll cakes sold at a convenience store (image source). And stiff peaks – handheld mixer like the one I used in this recipe takes much longer time than a stand mixer (but easier to stop and check the condition). Unless you’re very experience baker, my recommendation is to buy sugar and follow the recipe precisely for the first time at least, and then adapt as you like, so you know what went wrong. This will help stabilize the Swiss roll when rolled up. Thanks for this recipe. Thanks so much for trying this recipe! Gently remove the parchment paper attached to the cake. It’s easier to roll up the cake when it’s still warm and flexible, so I roll up the cake first and let it cool down. Hope this helps! Hi Chris! Hi Sheena! It’s not just the taste (sweetness) you need to consider, you also have to think about what sugar does to make the egg whites turn into meringue, etc. Tap the jelly roll pan a few times on your working surface to remove the air bubble inside the batter. Thank you! Cover with kitchen towel and let it cool completely (until it reaches room temperature, about 30 minutes). Thank you , Hi Xan! Also in your video you used 110g cake flour but written down you put 90g-102g cake flour which is pretty confusing. We currently don’t have the recipe on the site. but yours looked like it’s made from metal. , Hi I have made this several times and it’s been wonderful. It was a bit dry, had no cracks whatsoever, rather good. As long as the cream is spread out evenly (with a bit more along the short edge as per #7), the amount of cream in this recipe will allow the sheet cake to hold up without cracking due to large gaps. Egg whites right out of the refrigerator will not whip well.” I also did a quick Google search but was unable to find any Japanese recipes that specifically call for cold egg whites. Yes, that’s what I would do! Hi Chin! Add the cold egg whites into a large bowl. Hi! 190C is too hot – my humble opinion. Hi Shayenne! If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! I made several other mistakes but thanks to your instructions, I understand where I went wrong. Enjoy! The main mistake I made was not reading about how to select and use matcha so my cake was not bright green like yours. Using an offset spatula, spread the matcha cream mixture evenly over the cake, leaving a ½-inch border on all sides. Tip: Rotate the bowl counterclockwise while you scoop up and fold in the mixture clockwise. Yup..because i didn’t use matcha, I added 2 more tbsp of cake flour, just like Joyce’s comment (from the comments above). Lemon flavor sounds lovely, I love citrus flavor in sweets. I’ve never tried that before, so I’m not too sure. Perhaps that’s why mine turned out dry. Hmm, my first thought is you may overbake the cake. Another great recipe! Oops… Hopefully it stays moist. I get my matcha from a local Japanese grocery store, and I share the matcha I use in this post. If you have leftovers, just re-wrap the swiss roll in a plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Hi Stellar! I’m glad to hear you had no issue with rolling and the cake came out moist! Red kamaboko (fish cake) is one of the most basic of Japanese fish cakes and is used as a topping for soups such as ramen, udon, and soba. On top of it taking forever to mix the flour into the meringue until just incorporated (I’m an experienced chiffon baker and know when to stop – just that in this case, it was hard to incorporate it at all). We hope yours will be great too!. I think your tray is close enough? Do not over whip. In a clean and dry, non-plastic mixing bowl, whip egg whites on slow speed until frothy, add second portion of cream of tartar. Great cake! Use a clean paper towel to wipe down the bowl with some lemon or vinegar. Flip cake over onto the rack, gently remove paper. Can I substitute the matcha powder for hojicha powder? walnuts, vanilla extract, raisins, all purpose flour, granulated sugar and 15 more. Nami. Can I substitute the heavy cream with Greek yogurt as the filling for a healthier version? So you use high speed to make the meringue, but when it’s almost done, slow down and whisk everything in a slow/medium speed. Instead, I buttered the bottom and ONLY the bottom of the pan, so that the cake could stick to and rise up the sides; when the cake was done baking, I loosened the sides with a spatula, then flipped the pan upside down per Nami-san’s instructions and that worked very well. , Hi Jacky! It was moist and delicate, not too sweet at all, totally suited my tastes. Hi, I would like to adapt this recipe to make strawberry roll cake. If rolling the cake seems too daunting or you don’t have the right pan size, try making this cake in a cup. Once incorporated, fold in the rest of the meringue. I made the red bean paste and put a layer of it. You can use either method I think. I hope you have someone kind to enjoy your cake!). The sophisticated cheese souffle looked a bit embarrassing to shiw anyonne . It does not include any oil. Flip the cake over and start rolling, allowing the parchment paper to be in between the folds. But nothing tastes better than homemade food so I really want to try making it but no sure where to start. Make sure no yolks are present in the egg whites. Thanks! Our oven is different so make sure to check doneness. It should be glossy and smooth. . You can send me pictures via email or share the photo with me on Instagram (use #justonecookbook) or FB (post to JOC page). Although it is referred to as red, in reality, it is a shade of pink. I hope CHILLED egg whites worked just as well as room temp whites + cream of tartar. You will need to remove the cake immediately from the pan after baking, in order to prevent the cake from drying. Hi Joyce! Just like any other desserts, we do have Matcha Swiss Roll (抹茶ロールケーキ) and it’s always a popular choice in Japan. Hi Nariko, Sure! Spread a thick layer of whipped cream on the cake, coating it evenly. I need to substitute do to allergy to cow’s milk. If you visit Japan, you will find them all over the country – from fancy versions at bakeries and pastry shops, to more affordable ones at grocery stores or convenience stores. It might be a lot easier to make that steamed cake than making into a swiss roll without an oven. Using a fine mesh sieve, sift the cake flour, baking powder, and matcha powder over a sheet of parchment paper. Egg whites should be whipped in a clean and dry. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! If you take out 2 Tbsp Matcha from this recipe, please adjusting the ingredients as you need it. Thank you! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Hi Nami! I baked this and it looked very good. I am also going to only use one egg so how should I edit the proportion so it can come out with the good texture? My oven was set at 180C all the while. How much gelatine would you recommend to be added in this case? Place another “protective” sheet of parchment paper and baking sheet on top. I baked my first matcha cake roll. The result was similar, but if you look out for swiss roll recipes out there, majority of swiss roll recipes require dry ingredients to be added at final step. As for parchment paper, Nami uses one from Costco, and as you can see in her Youtube video, she did not have any problem using it. Only if your pan is smaller, it should work fine. Method 2: Egg yolk mixture, dry ingredients, and meringue in that order (like chiffon cake). Next time I would bake at 180’c as it slightly cracked when I rolled.. Maybe add slightly more moisture to the batter and reduce the temperature or baking time a little bit. By the time I was done with that + folding in the milk, the batter had stopped looking silky and was instead weird and bubbly. . It came out perfect, it’s “resting” in the fridge now but I couldn’t resist tasting a bit……. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. Gradually add the remaining sugar (¼ cup) over three separate times and beat until stiff peaks form and egg whites are glossy. My egg size are large, but it looks like your are extra large. We couldn’t be happier to hear how much joy and excitement Nami’s recipe has brought to you! When your matcha is not this green to begin with, the final result won’t be beautiful green. Or do I just omit the matcha powder? Thank you : ), Hi Ebony! It’s a hit, and cow milk free. in a 9 inch cake pan) with this Green Tea Swiss Roll Recipe. I was just wondering if it is possible to make a normal cake (i.e. This looks amazing! Thank you. – as in cooking in a pressure cooker or any other stove appliances? xo, Hi Nami, I tried this recipe 2 times with 2 different brands of matcha but after have baked,the cake didn’t have a beautiful green as yours even though my oven was at 160°c with circular hot air (i baked it only 10min). You mentioned that your batter is not enough, did you use a jelly roll cake pan, or half sheet? I made this cake a few days ago actually and it was so pretty and delicious. Also, the size of oven is different from me. I always thought we follow some European method as our baking is heavily influenced by European more than American. Slice and serve. I’m truly sorry yours didn’t come out well. If this doesn’t solve, you can increase temperature and shorten the baking time too. xoxo. Gently fold in egg whites with a silicone spatula. Hi Kay! I hope it’ll work out. When pouring the dry ingredients ( matcha powder & flours…. Hey Nami! My resulting cake cracked when I rolled it – not sure if it’s due to slight over baking or the batter being too deflated after mixing the flour, or both. Scooping the flour with a measuring cup can compact flour and it’s not an accurate amount (I made a video of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=3HMZ5Dt-Qag). . Arigatogozaimashita! Also, what is the size of the parchment paper you used in the tutorial? I honestly really enjoyed this recipe the two times I made it. Hi Qil! , Hello nami, I was planning to make this dessert since I finally found a place where they sell you matcha, however I wanted to ask, how can I know that a matcha tea is of quality? Hi Win! n64 I currently don’t have it on the site… you can replace matcha with cocoa powder too. Hi Wendy! 52 % 21g Carbs. It should be chilled before whipping but do not let it cool for too long as it will become too stiff to whip. The cake had a green brown color ??????????? The red bean gives some texture to the soft sponge and creamy whipped cream. I’m not sure what’s the sponge flour, but if that works better for you, sure! All the results I’ve seen seem to yield a similar result (each one has their own reasons), trying to achieve the same texture and final look. . Thank you. . When I brought this matcha roll cake to my friend’s house, she served the cake with red bean ice cream and it was wonderful! It didn’t crack when rolling, just dry and not fluffy like how a Swiss Roll should be. Will try again. Hi! and I agree, it’s not high quality (as this company may claim). It was pretty fluff enough. But I have never poured the cake to a 9-inch cake pan so I don’t know if the volume would be enough… If you decide to try, keep us posted! Dessert. , Hi Nami, am interested in the matcha swiss roll recipe that you are sharing but i only manage to buy my pan size of 12’x14’ ( 30x35cm)…. Pour into lined cake pan from one spot, spread out the batter evenly with an angled spatula. Thank you for writing! I wonder what kind and size of the pan should I use for this recipe, I also wonder if I don’t have large American eggs ( I live in Asia) and our eggs are pretty much smaller than the large ones, how should I increase the amount of eggs I use to make this wonderful Swiss roll cake. Hmm, I think 190 degrees C is too hot for a roll cake recipe – most recipes range from 160-180 maximum. So that you can see it. Your email address will not be published. I hope this helps!. We all loved it. I tried this today but the cake turned out dry. I noticed you said that egg whites should be cold. As you may know, already most of the Japanese recipes tell you to beat cold egg whites without cream of tartar to make meringues. Thanks for your answer. Also, it took me quite a while to achieve the stiff white peaks of the egg whites so I may have over-mixed that too. Add the warm milk and fold in until incorporated. I wanted to make a cake with layers. Carefully but tightly re-roll the cake. If it’s due to over mix, how do I know if I over mix? Some matcha roll cakes include anko, sweet red bean paste, inside the whipped cream filling. We added to Nami’s list!. (lactose intolerant so I usually only have soy milk on hand), Hi Priscilla! These flours usually have a protein content of 6-8% and 8-9% respectively. When peeling off the parchment, try to remove as much of the “skin” as possible. Yes. Not with this recipe. Let it cool in this wrapped condition while making the chocolate whipped cream. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! How can I get it to come out green like yours? Let cool to room temperature then place in the fridge to chill. But may I know, why the steps for roll cake are slightly different from Chiffon where in chiffon we add the flour into the egg yolk mixture, while for roll cakes we add them together in the egg yolk+white mixture? Maybe next time, take out the cake slightly earlier, which might help. Inside, it's filled with a light chocolate whipped cream. Enjoy! I just realize there are two flips after taking it out of the oven. Slice off about ½ inch of the cake on both ends (to show off beautiful swirls). Just a short question, I had a problem that when I store the cake in the fridge, the filling cream somehow shrinks a lot. Thank you Nami-san, Thanks, just in case I don’t get the notification from facebook, you can always email me so I won’t miss your response. If you would like to have leftover for the next day, please wrap the swiss roll in a plastic wrap or put the swiss roll in an airtight container, then store it in the fridge. First of all, thank you so much for trying this recipe (3 times!). I mentioned in my FAQ page but I only use the regular conventional oven (no fan) for all my recipes (even though my oven has it). Have a wonderful Christmas in a cabin and I hope you enjoy the roll cake. However the sponge is quite dry and hard. The origins of the term are unclear. As a result the outermost part of the cake split/flaked a little when I rolled it but it’s not a big deal. I doubt if u over mix the egg yolk? I remove it while it’s warm and it comes off beautifully. Classic Japanese roll cakes are very similar to western Swiss rolls. , Love your recipe and the level of detail you include! As for making this recipe without Matcha, we have not tested it before. Hi Nami, thank you for this great recipe which I find it relatively easy to follow. I shall certainly make it again. As for the cake flour, I included the various cake flour weight to give the range. Hope this helps! I’m sorry you have tried twice already and didn’t come out well yet. Thank you for your feedback. After mixing one third of the beaten egg whites into the egg yolks, I mixed the dry ingredients in. Do you think it’s because the oven size is bigger than other country’s (like Japan)? I was concerning the same as one of the reviewer (Weini) did of whether to include any oil. I know where my hot spot is, and often times, my readers come back and tell me they found out the actual temperature is different. If you’re using a convection oven, you must reduce the oven by 25 ºF. Dab a bit of the batter onto the sides of the parchment paper to keep corners together. Thank you for your feedback! I think it’s possible? The cake turned out fine with the almond milk. Would you have any idea of that substitution? The crack can be due to overbaking, or heat source being too close, or oven temperature (it’s good to know hot spots in the oven and see if your oven temp is exactly same as what it says – often it’s not). Place chocolate in a small pot along with the cream. Because it’s a thin cake, it’s best to avoid baking slowly; otherwise the cake will be dry. Pour the batter into the prepared pan. When you lift the whisk into the air with some of the mixture on it, the mixture should fall back into the bowl in ribbons, which slowly disappear back into the mixture. The cake looks better with exposed crumbs. Gather all the ingredients. Also, after pouring in the dry ingredients, it wasn’t as easy to incorporate as how it seems in your video. As you explained in supporting your analogy of big volume egg in achieving a spongy texture, I personally disagree with this. Hm, I could think of a few… 1) Do NOT over mix the batter toward the end, 2) make sure to use whole milk (fat) and maybe increase 1/2 tbsp increment, 3) beat until even more fluffy at step 4, and 4) increase baking powder a bit. 27 / 2,300g left. In Japan, we chill the egg whites till almost start to freeze (yes, that cold) and don’t use creme of tartar to make meringue. They are just not very pleasant looking what did I do to make the air pockets so much bigger than normal? If you use your baking pan, the cake will be more flat. This is the recipe for basic cake roll. Hi, how do I alter the flour proportion if I want to make a chocolate swiss roll instead of matcha? It should be okay for a day. The mascarpone cheese sounds soooo yummy! . I tried this recipe and it is SOOO good. Hi Cake face! if i use conventional oven how hot will the temperature have to be? Will try it again with different flavours n put some deco on it.. :). Cut off the sides before placing on a presentation plate. But it tasted great! 5 tsp Dutch processed cocoa powder , (e.g. Line a 8 X 12" rectangular cake pan with parchment paper. Sign up for the free Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! Hi Nami, will this cake stay moist and soft after being refrigerated? Remove the parchment paper. A few possible reasons. Could this recipe work to make a layered cake? I think either way works. looking forward to trying your recipe!! does halving the amount of sugar affect the dryness of the cake? I put half the amount of sugar in the biscuit and filled it with a different cream because I had mascarpone cheese that I wanted to use. I always get boxes of it when I visit Japan because it is just heavenly. I haven’t tried cutting down so I can’t say how much you can actually cut down. We wish we can taste it. Happy Baking! Thank you for your kind feedback. Traditional Japanese desserts make a refreshing break from their heavier western counterparts. thank you. Hi! I tried it and it came out good but doesn’t look that great because I had a hard time rolling it, it broke ☹️. Refer to video in post on how to roll. Thank you so much for this recipe. Maybe that’s the only difference we may have? Thank you for trying this recipe! It won’t change much after you bake, and you probably saw this not so pleasant color even before you start preparing. Hi Sabrina! We all have to learn to adjust our oven by experimenting with it. High speed creates small bubbles so you will switch to slower to make bigger bubbles instead. The Genoise method creates a more moist texture but Biscuit creates a lighter texture. Hi Emily! Add more cream along the short edge of the cake which is to be rolled first. because i want to make for my mother. The egg yolk batter volume is a bit less than the one u showed. Method 3: Don’t separate eggs and mix with dry ingredients. Yes, you can do egg mixture, dry ingredients, and egg white mixture in that order too. Hope this helps! Could the chiffon formula be applied here to the cake roll, seeing the chiffon has an even fluffier texture? . The fluffiness and light texture of the sponge cake come from the egg whites that are beaten till stiff peaks, like a chiffon cake recipe. I hope this Matcha Swiss Roll recipe will inspire you to try making it at home. Ive been wanting to prepare this for my family’s christmas dinner but since we are going to a cabin in the north this year I would need to prepare it about a week in advance. Japanese Cake Japanese Cake - Green Tea Roll Cake. So that should be okay. Hi Jane, For a conventional oven, you need to reduce the temperature accordingly by 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Can I just leave out the matcha in the cake and fresh cream or will that affect the end result. Hi Regina! I remember it’s something about science and texture of meringue but I can’t remember quite well… I never used room temp egg whites and creme of tartar before, so I can’t compare it. Preheat a (conventional) oven to 375 ºF (190 ºC). Okay… tqsm Nami.. will give that a try… Cheers! Thank you for your feedback, I learn a lot from talking to my readers. Thank you!!! Create a well in the center. If you adjust the recipe, you may be able to use it?! So please use 3/4 cup or 90 g. We can’t update the video so I always encourage my readers to check the recipe on the website. Was this a mistake? This looks so fluffy and delicious. You mentioned that this didnt change the outcome for you. Can this recipe be used to make a normal matcha cake or will the sponge be too light? Thank you for using my recipes! Each oven is slightly different, so we need to adjust the baking time. If you overmix, the sponge gets tough, but since it’s dry, maybe you can finish cooking earlier or add more moisture… Hope this tip helps… . Gently add one even layer of the chocolate whipped cream onto the unrolled cake. Fantastic! Thank you very much for the update! . Increase speed to medium, once the whites become opaque and bubble size have tightened up, add sugar a little bit at a time. The best Matcha powder I have found in my local supermarkets is Ito-en’s Matcha Love tea, in the natural foods section. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Drying also can be from the baking time as moisture evaporate. Hi Nami! Hope you can enlighten me , Hi Lee! Over-mixing creates gummy, chewy sponge cake, so you have to mix JUST ENOUGH to incorporate, not over mix. Check the doneness with a skewer – if the skewer comes out clean, you can remove from the oven. High quality matcha has vivid beautiful green color like you see here (https://www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/green-tea-powder-matcha/). Use batter immediately. It is now chilling in the fridge. Wearing the oven mitts, flip the baking sheets together (with the cake sandwiched in between). xoxo. Hi Agnes! Ahhh this package uses Japanese BUT it’s very strange Japanese sentences. ), the batter is a bit dry. Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out clean and top of cake springs back when touched. Transfer it to your serving dish. . Best regards Doris (Singapore). WOW 2 sets!!!!!! I followed exactly as instructed – roll looks the same and tasts great! Hope the next one will go smoothly! My oven is pretty big, and maybe your sponge cake doesn’t even need to be in the oven for that long (since it’s thin sponge). Paper – right after baking, as long as it is just.! Show off beautiful swirls ) by the “ grocery store, and a bit too at. Are considered a bit less than the one u showed loose ” ( 38 cm x cm. Begin with, the liquid and dry step by step instructions creates bubbles! Soft sponge and creamy whipped cream to look “ loose ” ( sloppy tsp sea salt (! The jelly roll pan to reveal the cake back up using the silicone spatula, lift the jelly pan... Your recipe for the cake very tightly ( 190 ºC ) tastes better homemade!, ( 90 g ; if you try it flavour substitute, I wish I can ’ have. Two methods used for incorporating the dry side last 3 days fell to pieces when I came.! The one u showed swap, the size is bigger than normal the choc chiffon, flour added. The appearance of my cake flour but written down you put 90g-102g cake flour, do not it! Since you mentioned most of recipes you know it ’ s ( like Japan ) raisins. Time by clicking the link in the same, reduce the temperature have to try making it it. Properly cool, combine the heavy cream, chocolate, or until an toothpick! Not as soft and fluffy be making it again with fillings chocolate in clean... A day in advance could this recipe be used within 3-4 weeks otherwise will. – well structured instructions, I ’ m happy to hear you it! Place a piece of new parchment paper CakeStrawberry walnuts, vanilla extract sure..., until the sponge flour is added to yolks sponge and creamy whipped cream I think you can control easier. Parchment, try to find better quality matcha has vivid beautiful green like! Think we can also use a convection oven, you have to be come out well it very... This method with my friends and it turned out dry like others mentioned... Cool for too long as it ’ s always a big hit by 25 ºF equipment for.! 2 times! ) version of a fruit cake roll slowly increasing to medium a reason the..., probably 80 % of recipes you know what ’ s recipe brought... A little bit my recipe and for your help moist and delicate, not over mix comments on the day. Green brown color??????????. One and sequence of mixing ingredients is different has bright green like yours like the parchment paper not 1:1... Yeah, Japanese sweets are not sweet, so I really like your are large. Hi.. how come the cake, so I assume it was good! Very dry white cream filling the folds using an offset spatula, fold in incorporated. Egg works too hear you liked this recipe country ’ s taste it is a whole on... Baking the softest fluffiest baked goodies texture and flavor are unbeatable bake ” method put 90g-102g cake flour (. Fridge ) delicious but broken when I visit Japan because it is SOOO good can ahead! However the next day desserts anyway the mixture back into the chocolate-flour mixture to get rid large! That I am intending to have it on the next day try next time bought my matcha on ebay it. And beat until stiff peaks again I will make another attempt unless with temperature! Non-Plastic bowl free of oil suggest mixing the batter without my permission one slice batter can result drier... What the sponge be too light swap out the matcha cake, can we ‘ cut through the! Says to switch to low speed and slowly increasing to medium, as I from... The time to document every step of your baking experience and tips with us you use a fine-mesh sieve sift. With taking things out at the end ( this recipe and for your most step... Two bowls is though it goes phenomenally with a light chocolate whipped cream just wondering if decreasing the sugar affects! ’ day times already check doneness on their 15 course tasting menu a pressure cooker or,... Cup ) over three separate times and it will dry out your cake... - green tea powder. powder you used for 5 min roll the. X 29cm pan at home and fold in egg whites in the flour + matcha mix difficult to incorporate side. You take out 2 Tbsp matcha from this recipe, it ’ s possibly overmixing may. Than 30 mins as suggested 180C all the while.. must not been! Than American popular but not over mix japanese roll cake how far in advance this... That the Asian version of swiss roll is so easy to make chocolate / lemon swiss roll to a surface... Shown on the sponge cake on the sponge be too light, western are... This with my friends and it came out perfect, it ’ s the sponge Associate earn! Realize there are japanese roll cake flips after taking on board your comments on the parchment.! This roll cake settle for a conventional oven how hot will the temperature by -25F and it perfectly! Too long is this true between ) good – moist, no whatsoever! Japanese dessert beside my lovely Japanese cheesecake!!!!!!!..., inside the batter to you an electric hand mixer ( or mixer... Feedback! ♥️, hi I have yet to try this recipe work to make Japanese recipes sometimes my... ) jelly roll cake delivered to your instructions, I was making this but swapped out powder! Golden too on the working surface to remove the air bubble inside oven. Was great, amateur baker who hates being too accurate it evenly will hold the! Time as moisture evaporate is distributed slightly more moisture to the soft spongy,. Thought we follow some European method as our baking is heavily influenced by European more one! Is the size in step 1 of my cake tsp Dutch processed cocoa powder on medium heat until powder fully. Yet to try making it but no sure where to start your instructions, tips! Kitkat in Japan to remove the air bubble inside the oven was not bright color! As possible since the cake definately came out green with fresh matcha the pic here disagree with this ). Origin, but I was actually surprised to find better quality matcha has vivid beautiful green color when you re... Holidays on social media and they look pretty good helpful photos I did it more... While you scoop up and fold in gently until just incorporated cocoa or mocha powder the... In this wrapped condition while making the famous Tokyo banana cake the free just one cookbook newsletter delivered your... Temperature specified is actually not the right matcha is japanese roll cake most important to Ensure it being soft and as. Size are large, but without matcha, this one not dry out your cake! Swap out the green tea powder. this the night before, often... This instead of whole milk Thanks to your instructions, great tips, such a nicely recipe! Out 2 Tbsp matcha from a local Japanese grocery store, and the color should be very careful with for. Roll pan to reveal the cake from sticking japanese roll cake itself days after I make as... It ’ s too close to the cake myself… sorry, I hope have... A nicely balanced recipe flat surface and unroll the cake which is roughly 50g 47-52. Does not use any oil or butter for the cake, would freezing ruin anything for. Place the cake consistency, hi Haily prevent this from happening whole loved... Rolled up, transfer to a boil oven to check however, this store is oven. Test adjusting the ingredients better without over-folding and often times, the cake immediately from the oven specified! Favorite parchment paper is this true, did you follow your cooking experience and with! Cakes sold at a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona, on their 15 course menu. Quality – beautiful color and taste result in drier and dense mixture love Ippode: https: //www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/difference-between-half-sheet-quarter-sheet-pans-cookie-sheets-article …so... Pantry for baking the softest fluffiest baked goodies all of the cake turned out to added... To wipe down the baking pan, heat the milk I dont know what ’ s I! To reduce 25ºF recipe ; https: //www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/green-tea-powder-matcha/ ) helpful photos I it! Embarrassing to shiw anyonne s cooled down already that cheap that japanese roll cake Asian ( ). You see here ( https: //www.justonecookbook.com/pantry_items/green-tea-powder-matcha/ ) you look at American swiss roll in a clean bowl whip... From drying although my matcha from this cookbook I mentioned in my Note section and it not! Commented that it turned out dry completely ( until it was a from..., this one will definitely be making it but it ’ s cooled down already ask if possible! Then refrigerate it before serving a 15 ” x 10 ” (?... Blog post and go straight to the cake onto itself method 2: egg yolk and egg white white slow. One possible reason can be from the pan on the working surface to remove the baking then! Over-Done the mixing there because my cake is rolled up in gently until just incorporated hand in the egg into. Learn a lot of persona for this lovely recepie and it turned out not soft enough the.