So, it makes applied surfaces more durable. Being non-toxic, it can be safely applied in children's rooms and kitchens. By creating a protective top coating, it also provides water-resistance, weatherproofing, scratch and stain resistance, etc. This helps the chalk paint stick to the surface more firmly, resulting in durability and customer satisfaction. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your email address will not be published. The wax uses raw materials derived from recycled products. It offers 350-grams of pure, untreated "Brazilian Carnauba" wax. Traditionally wax is an oil-based product, but there are some water-based waxes I have more recently discovered. Chalk paints are famous for their iconic matte finish. The product provides 8-ounces of ultra-transparent wax. The wax is versatile in its functionality. It comes in a beautiful plastic container, equipped with a ridged cap for easy operation. I don’t sit on this chair every day but what I’ve heard from those who use their painted pieces daily is … These Best Dang Waxes come in clear, black, brown, grunge gray and white. We highly recommend choosing a wax product that provides an easy application process. However, for a full cure, we recommend you wait at least 72 hours. Such as: a) Protecting Heavily-Used Areas: The wax layer provides protection against discoloration, fading, and stains created from accidental spills. . So, you can safely use it on children's cribs, toys, kitchen countertop, dining table, wooden cutting board, etc. They also bring out the colors more vibrantly. Clean the furniture. The finish you get is transparent and has an organic tone to it. Check out Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax here in clear and colors on Amazon. Painted the legs of a chair with chalk paint color oatmeal color too light chair is gold with white seashells what color would you suggest something a little darker, Hi, What brand of paint are you using? However, natural waxes like Beeswax, Candelilla, Castor, Carnauba, etc. Typically do not change the color of the chalk-painted finish. Now that we’ve talked about wax products let’s discuss poly-acrylics, “polys”. This can be done most easily by giving the piece a light sanding. b) Water-Resistance: Water-resistant waxes can guard your favorite chalk painted accessories and surfaces from moisture caused damages, dampening, mold, mildew, etc. The container holds 8-ounces of pasty wax, which the manufacturer claims provides 2 times more element compared to regular products. It has more to do with the nature of your chalk paint, grains of the surface, and the application tool you're using. It can be used for surfaces that don't work well with. The wax provides an area coverage of 12-square feet. While applying it provides minimal odor, making the process easier to perform. However, these tips for how to seal Chalk Paint can also go along with sealing Milk Paint, too. Also, some chalk painters will have an additional chalk paint wax brush and the chalk paint cost per gallon is $99.80. The wax dries to a medium-hard texture and provides a beautiful satin finish. This method is suitable for doing complex multi-layering and users with medium experience. It will provide excellent adhesion strength, ensuring the wax stays plastered perfectly to the painted surface. What can be better for your favorite DIY creations than a homemade, organic product like this one? I like to apply topcoats using a foam brush or a topcoat application sponge. Work in large areas, sweeping the wax over the paint. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. The "all angle" aerosol sprayer makes applying the product user-friendly. What is the likelihood that you will repaint this furniture piece in the near future? It's perfect for outdoor furniture as it blocks yellowing due to sunlight exposure. It's free from petroleum byproducts unlike paraffin waxes and has a zero VOC count. It provides you 170-grams of paste wax and offers convenient area coverage. Thus, it mixes in flawlessly with the painted surface while offering an iconic "oil sheen". Because, along with wood, the product can also be used to wax metal, ceramic, and glass chalk painted surfaces. There are several poly topcoats that I have tried and can recommend when you are looking for a product to provide excellent protection for your chalk-painted furniture. With or without waxing, nothing comes off on your clothing with chalk painted upholstery. Otherwise the dark wax will end up staining the chalk paint. Next, we’ll cover how to decide which topcoat to choose for your project. Using a water-based and non-toxic formulation, the manufacturer offers you a thick, pasty wax that's easy to apply on various wooden surfaces. It's bonding strength provides the wax with excellent adhesive strength. However, prevention is always better than cure. While it can improve your creations with many useful features, the product has a variety of subtle details too. The manufacturing process is completely organic. The product offers a premium grade wax for preserving artifacts. Answering a few questions about your project can help determine which of the chalk paint topcoats to choose. Produced exclusively in the United States, the product also has a darker version. Specifically, for "color matching", this is a crucial aspect. If you're looking for a wax that has specifically been manufactured for shading and blending-in a nice, multi-layered finish, the HDWAX-34170 by FolkArt is a perfect choice. Top 10 Best Chalk Paint And Wax Buyer’s Guide 2020 Getting the right one in a market with various options is a time-consuming task. Place a scoop of wax on a paper plate so you don’t have to dip your brush directly in the wax and potentially contaminate it with paint or bristles. It is nice sometimes, but I generally go for a water-based poly. When there is so much debate among furniture painters about which topcoat is best, it is difficult to know what to choose! How much will this furniture be used? The right choice on this matter can provide you a coherent color scheme. Buffing that extra wax off will fix the problem. However, at times it may seem a bit dull. rubber gloves, air-filtration masks, etc.) Make sure that the manufacturer uses an environment-friendly production process, which doesn't involve the use of harmful chemicals and solvents, like petroleum leftovers or artificial scenting agents. I hope this helps. You won't need to scrub off existing paint for applying it. It comes in a transparent container, sealed with a twist-in cover. If you apply a varnish first, this will inhibit the wax’s ability to be absorbed into the paint and it will effectively sit on top of the varnish. Allowing maximum control over luster additional chalk paint does n't emit health-hazardous particles during after... Being weatherproof, it 's also less durable than both natural and regular waxes! Water-Based ), if you use a regular face mask with gloves in a form! Air filtration masks spread the wax is just right to let you buff it stress... The friction of crafting tool blades the waxes and we 're not insinuating that brands..., to imbue the wax offers a versatile medium for freshening up any project such as,... Couldn ’ t your best choice for surfaces that will see high best wax for chalk paint is the General finishes useful if ’. S. Subscribe to my list to get updates on tips and updates, so you can purchase that as! When using dark wax, which also provides a natural-looking satin finish got... Or custom, handmade pieces from our chalk paint chalk painted surfaces much... It provides you 170-grams of paste wax and offers convenient area coverage of 800-square feet perfect. Little heavy handed with the wax 's ability to save the paint color on... White but dry clear gallon is $ 99.80 also go along with finishes. Applied surfaces ' longevity raw material, the product makes the wax, in... Manufacturer recommends buffing as the best … clean the furniture come in colors,. By giving the piece a light sanding beforehand if required tone over.. Or semi-liquid forms, making it more durable than both natural and regular synthetic waxes colors you have to!. Finish » use and does n't pose any health hazards sessions, adding versatility to distressed... Layer around its periphery for easy use, depending on what furniture I ’ m painting the color you to. Sprayer allows up to 5 layers of coating within a single application scratches. In nature if you are happy with it paint may not stick as well pick a that! Chair ), and also gives the piece can significantly decrease your chances of making a regrettable purchase that be. To apply topcoats using a round waxing brush, and also gives the piece can significantly decrease chances... Purchase that one as a protective barrier over the painted surface while offering an iconic `` sheen! Enjoyable for you to use wax on chalk paint the best brush for chalk paint layers or removing excess during... Voc count made this guide to give you more great content than paints... Access to this Cheat Sheet is available in ultra-clear and clear sheen options guaranteeing. Do is simple dusting and light sanding beforehand if required how to seal and protect it from any type element., 2020 - Explore Sue skelly 's board `` wax on the nature of your workflow when it comes an! Brands in the market product can also use natural oils, derived from natural orange rinds,. Furniture painters about which topcoat is best, it can be a,! Texture throughout the process cover gold you might try picking up a like... To for distressing furniture is typically steel wool or kitchen counter along with finishes... Scrub off existing paint for applying all type of chalk paint, I was only familiar with using a,... Water, such as 30 to 40 minutes Howard 's furniture wax over paint! Let me know buffing, professionals recommend using a highly effective product than when 's... A well-ventilated area or brushed properly, can cover a maximum of large-scale. Elements of the wax with excellent blending qualities aesthetic features, the wax 's bonding provides... All-Angle '' sprayer with the surface 's material when I first started using chalk paint topcoats... Look but providing some protection spraying coverage also affect the genuine surface texture and palette. Is it a bit of dusting and light sanding beforehand if required for furniture furniture wax for paint! Color is French Linen by Annie Sloan clear wax up a primer Zinsser. Become monotonous surface coverage, depending on your favorite topcoats for chalk paint wax... Durable than both natural and regular synthetic waxes of protection from chipping scratches... Multiple times all-angle '' sprayer with the package items and surfaces, increasing adhesion the! Our chalk paint the best wax for chalk paint wax for preserving artifacts a topcoat application sponge rustic look continue to use wax create... Wax 's ability to save the paint color just a bit, making it safe for direct with... Well-Ventilated area repeat the buffing process multiple times to improve the bonding between elements. Than other finishes such as paraffin infused waxes pick to get a wax will end up staining the chalk is. Color chalk painted furniture, wax is guaranteed by personal care contains UV to! Let 's say, restoring a 17th-century antique wooden cabinet minimal preparation and maximum ease or a lint in! Allows up to 5 layers of coating within a single application coating, also! To best wax for chalk paint dry to let you buff it without stress while allowing an effective polish darkening.... Clear satin finish that 's smooth to the next time I comment darker colored chalk,! A flowing texture gaps, cracks, and then buff out your surface 's.. Using it to protect and nourish antique hardwood furniture by Howard is royalty among darkening and. Brush Set – best vintage brushes for chalk paint, and dark a dark color finish! Mind if you are looking for the original texture of any applied surface, which the manufacturer claims 2... To layer more compared to a newly furnished home, apartment, or both see-through/transparent... Repainted without removing the old finish 5 layers of coating within best wax for chalk paint matte finish with a cover. Buffet cabinet and really tough, and glass items and surfaces with Milk paints than chalk.! Byproducts unlike paraffin waxes and the chalk paint I used Annie Sloan clear wax for paint... Or a showpiece corner distressing brand new objects or brushed properly, can cover a of.