Hello My Dear Friends, I am trying to use placeholder attribute in my website. Placeholder text, HTML5 with jQuery fallback. Each state is available as a pseudo-class and a CSS class: :hover and is-hovered:focus and is-focused:active and is-active; This allows you to obtain the style of a certain state without having to trigger it. The placeholder text does not wrap and stay in the field, but stays on one line and is cut off at right border. Vincent Maverick Durano Microsoft MVP, CodeProject MVP, C# Corner MVP Blog | Twitter | Linkedin ‹ Previous Thread | Next Thread › Not showing labels can make forms look less complex, increasing usability, but hurt accessibility. Now lets see how we can change the color of the placeholder for each different browsers. It was reworked in CKEditor 4.3 and is now available as an inline widget.. required: Requires that the textarea contain content prior to allowing form submission. 3. Editor placeholder Table of contents. Updated 19-Oct-11 7:10am Simon Bang Terkildsen. A placeholder is considered as a hint, like “Enter you name”, “Enter mobile number”, “Write in 100 words”, etc. Create a Placeholder for the tag. The idea behind placeholders. For that purpose, many websites are replacing のplaceholderで改行させる. TextareaType Field: Renders a textarea HTML element. What I have to change to implement same TextArea in my Asp.Net WebPage . How do I get it to wrap? Display Watermark Text for ASP.Net TextBox, Password and MultiLine TextArea using jQuery Plugin Basically, I want the same type of behavior in IE , that is re-size icons in right bottom corner of TextArea … More than 1 year has passed since last update. When I am trying to implement same TextArea, it asking rows and cols in aspx page and it is not working in IE. In other words, if an input has any value in it, we can safely assume that the :placeholder-shown pseudo class will never be reached in our CSS. However, there are some ways of making a placeholder … August 30, 2014, 4:04am #1. Opera up to version 12 and IE up to version 9 do not support any CSS selector for placeholders. Some designs might require showing the tags outside of the input box, so to set this up some manual CSS changes has to be made, and also the dropdown.position setting should be set to "input" so the suggestions dropdown will be rendered right next to input element and not relative to the whole component (which is the default) A text area with a specified height and width: The HtmlHelper class includes two extension methods to render multi-line HTML5 placeholder text works in Safari 5, Mobile Safari, Chrome 6, and the Firefox 4 alpha. Title - maps to the title attribute of the HTML element. The placeholder attribute of the