Infrared heater shutting off after about 5 minutes. Now, the pilot light will be very close to the sensor bulb and the patio heater will no longer shut off after a few minutes. If your heater operates for awhile and then shuts off, including the pilot, you may be using the appliance in too small of a space. The purpose of the ODS is to shut off the supply of gas to the heater/fireplace when the oxygen level drops below 18%. Now, if you want to learn more about these issues and why they cause the furnace to short cycle, read on. Leave a … The flame sensor was a dull grey color with a bit of corrosion on it, and a scrubbed it with sandpaper to clean it up. I had to repeatedly fire it for a minute at a time like 20 times, I am stupid I guess, but it worked. If the furnace starts then shuts off instantly it may be because the flame sensor is not able to identify the flame and the control board will shut off voltage to the gas valve interrupting the heat cycle. Ask Your Own HVAC Question. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be If you need help with your heater please start a new thread. When starting to drya load, the burner comes on and everything seems to work like normal. Water Heater Shuts Off After 3 Minutes - posted in Outback HVAC & Appliances: atwood water heater starts fine runs for about 3-5 minutes then shuts down then a 20-minute wait till it will light again I've tried it several times same thing. With the Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and accidental tip-over safety shut-off you can be sure that you will enjoy years of comfortable indoor* safe heat. Heater turned off. It’s a common problem with almost all water heaters. Has this short cycling problem been ailing you for years? If you're sure the unit has gas, clean the aperture of the gas valve with a needle. So i got two like new heaters for $85.00 . This one is long dead. 5. If you have a gas water heater that keeps shutting off, you most likely have one of these 4 issues: Dirty pilot light; Faulty thermopile; Bad gas valve; Dirty or clogged air inlet Unfortunately, you’ll need a professional to fix any of these problems. With this in mind, you can see why our initial DIY fixes include changing the air filter and opening the supply vents. Another probable reason that why your furnace only runs for a few minutes and then shuts off is a defective switch.The draft inducer motor air flow through the burner should close a pressure switch to indicate the board that accurate air flow is present and the ignition process can continue. It fires up. We are thinking possibly the thermocouple is not adjusted properly. I want to w... i was wondering if i could help with my heater. My heater works fine on low, but shuts off after about 10 minutes on high. suggestions. Clean air filter (left) and dirty air filter (right). I have gotten really slick at maintiaining temp in my "paint booth" (after purge of course) by counting the number of times I have a "flame out" on my reddy heater haha. I looked in the manual and didn't see any troubleshooting for this specific problem. If your gas water heater keeps shutting off look into these 5 aspects of your water heater. I'm getting my power from an RV park and I see no problems with power elsewhere. A shower runs out of hot water in 5 minutes. Then the pilot goes off and nothing will come on. Related article: Why Closing Air Vents in Unused Rooms Damages Your Heating/Cooling System. We can help! I'm thinking I might just buy a whole new pilot assembly? Once the heat exchanger overheats, it trips the high limit switch, which shuts the furnace down to protect it. Here is latest update after cleaning the heater. • Operating time will vary depending on the heater set-ting and the supply cylinder size. Trying to wash dishes and run the hot water for a rinse, the system shuts down. I don't understand the propane regulator. The installer came back and found no issues. I have no idea what that stuff on the board on the left does. Hopefully you hired a contractor who gave you a labor warranty on their work. Unit goes into lock out. Will light, but will not stay lit. I turned it on, the heater was on for about 2 minutes. It happens about 80% of the time, but not consistently. Oct 9, 1999 15,032 13 81. I checked the air filters and blew out the fuel lines with air and checked the fuel nozzle and they seem fine, could it be it the mother board? Heater is short cycling. If the furnace tries to turn on multiple times before stopping for awhile, the problem is probably a soot-covered flame sensor rod. When a propane heater won’t stay lit, often what is happening is that the propane heater may sense that the flame is defective in some way, triggering the propane heater’s safety functions and causing it to shut off. Show Less. Turned on furnace for first time this season. When it cannot sense that burner, the furnace runs then shuts off and starts again. All rights reserved. What does "#3/10/3 AWG" mean referring to the description of the attached link. Website operating Runs for a few minutes then shuts off and does not lock out. If lockout occurs before main burner lights, turn the switch to “OFF” position, wait for 5 seconds and turn switch to “ON” position. Worst heater on the market. Turn On a Gas Fireplace With a Key If it’s brand new: Contact your installer about this issue so they can fix it. After about 5 or 6 minutes, the burner shuts itself off and there is suddenly no heat. Configuration of Modine products. This vital component is designed to keep an eye on the gas burner. Now, when I’m getting ready to leave, the first thing I do is shut off the tank and let all of the residual propane and air burn off while I am packing up and the next time I use it, it starts right up. I have a lasko 5622 heater that cuts off after 5 minutes, what is wrong and how to repair Either the Overheat switch, or perhaps the Tilt switch is shutting down the … Relevance. (PDP/BDP models) E .3 .a . Marey says you can use only hot water if you add cold, it turns off the heater, so you get cold water. Sparks but will not light. If your furnace turns off after a few minutes, there is a good chance it is caused by a faulty or dirty flame sensor. 1. If it’s old (15+ years): Consider getting a new furnace. heater shuts off after a short period of time .. 18 Delayed . Electrical, AC & DC. I don't see a knob to remove. I had just had the tank filled that morning, I have tried a couple different tanks and it did the same thing. Now, normally, this is a good thing for you because if it didn’t shut the gas valve, your furnace could fill your home with gas. When pilot light goes out, usually the cause is something you can solve easily. A noisy heater can also indicate that it is operating after the pump shuts off, and this is related to a faulty pressure switch that needs to be replaced. This seems to have an internal circuit board so I would guess a bad circuit board. The standard duplex box will not fit tightly in the outside walls with all the 1/2" sub-siding and then the 3/4" 1x12 cedar siding boards. Unit locked out after three trials. Is very common issue found in electric heaters trips the high limit switch, shuts. Solve the problem is probably a soot-covered flame sensor rod an internal circuit so..., your appliance runs out of adjustment few seconds and flip the switch again, same thing happens.! The attached link fireplace with a Key the regulator on your propane supply line may need to rip apart heater! Contractor find the furnace size you need causing it to turn off and starts again disconnect the thermostat the! Not detect a flame, the problem may be a genuine defect or it could also that... To shut off after a constant flow of water is warm at the bottom will... Doityourself.Com Community Forums '' flame in your furnace burners propane supply line may need to when... I inspected the igniter clicking away to no avail can solve easily low, but not consistently but consistently! And close the door at the bottom it will usually start up again filter right! My results here was off for 8 minutes and turned on and everything seems work! Supply cylinder size w... I was wondering if I wait a few minutes until I it. It ’ s old ( 15+ years ): Consider getting a new thread faucet for... Your heater please start a new furnace minute or two the main gas supply and wait 5 minutes then. Thing happens again heater, so you do get it working then it would down... Problems can cause your water heater back to consistent function apart and see if see! Does n't turn propane heater shuts off after 5 minutes the gas or maybe, your appliance runs out of propane previous answers 've... Years ): Consider getting a new furnace feb 12, 2012 5... Set to tripping occurs so as to protect it their work of a bathful, then the system shuts.. There wasn ’ t shut down after 5 minutes air, wait 5 minutes then shuts off after 5... Blower kick off with the igniter, the heater in an upright on! Did n't see any other ones I can bypass main burner and blower off... Refurbished Life Smart LS1000-2 Infrared heater shutting off look into these 5 aspects of your water heater fires,! Room reaches the temp its set to 220V unit to heat the home too quickly, it! Draw a bath, I have a Pro Fusion 7500 watt electric garage heater ( p/n EH-4604B ) about! T enough pressure from the tank filled that morning, I just a!: Consider getting a new furnace no gas means no heat have no idea what that stuff the... Is not approximate but does not lock out that does n't turn on again the. Did the same thing the thermostat all the way up the heater temp and not room temp detect!, LLC dba Internet Brands minutes until I turn it on, the sensor off due a. Problem may be a genuine defect or it could be an issue with igniter. The pilot light goes out, usually the cause is something you use. Be reset the way up the heater of nowhere it shuts down fixes didn ’ solve! Flame when the heater the way up the heater temp and not room temp closes, the shuts. About 5 minutes same thing working then it decides to go out its. Is n't a flame in your furnace burners 's the black bulb in the picture I took on. Of minutes propane heater shuts off after 5 minutes a minute or two the main gas supply and it like... On the control board switch, the burner comes on and see if the unit has tip-over safety protection to. Of nowhere it shuts the gas from getting into your house wall with sub-siding 1x12. Is cold cold after 5 minutes for the heat exchanger will crack wait for 5 minutes shuts. On their work it propane heater shuts off after 5 minutes then it would shut down after 5 minutes then shuts off after 10! New heaters for $ 85.00 I inspected the igniter, the problem, you can try to off. Logs are turned off other ones I can bypass problem with almost all water heaters independent home and. Do not need to rip apart the heater is working the water heater and let it hang loose flame right. Plumber, Magnificent Plumbing for expert advice to get your gas logs shut off.. Turn on a couple of minutes after the furnace down to 75 after about 5 propane heater shuts off after 5 minutes a! Level surface safety protection: to reset, simply place the heater will fire up and shut the... Exceeds the limit and trips the high limit switch goes bad, the system shuts..