Car loaders aren’t roof racks but work in conjunction with kayak roof racks. It works by attaching itself to your roof rack and extending to the side to provide you with a platform on which you can rest one side of your craft. Malone Channel Loader is resistant to corrosion that adds to its impressive durability. This kayak loader for a SUV is designed to help you load your kayak on top of all types of SUVs and vehicles with roof racks. This kayak … We regularly update our website with fresh tips and information. To load your canoe, place one end of the kayak on the crossbar and then pick up the other end. Click to see price. It also has an adjustable hardware that fits most SUVs and vehicles. The canoe and kayak lift mounts to nearly all factory or aftermarket roof racks with its universal clamping design. Mount the aluminium bars by flipping the lever on the suction cup, then settle the stern or bow of your boat onto the rollers as you rest the other end on the ground. The Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader is incredibly useful when loading your SUP, Longboard, Kayak, Canoe or other long gear onto your roof racks. It’s automatic and stress free. Required fields are marked *. Seattle Sports Sherpak Suction Kayak Loader. However, your boat may seem heavy if you’re lifting it by yourself to load on the roof of your automobile. HomeShop onlineAbout usContact & SupportCheckout includes two center straps with car-protective buckle bumpers and QuickDraw bow downs. Use the One-key lock cylinders to get it attached securely to the vehicle. We’ve compiled a list of the top rated kayak lift assist to help you choose the best kayak lift assist. > Holidays. T-Load Hitch Mount. Place the craft’s front on the integrated slide guides then slide the craft forward until your craft is positioned on the front and rear SeaWing saddles evenly. Assist you in getting your gear down the road. Protecting your kayak will be a 360 degrees smooth-rolling foam pad which is thick enough to keep your kayak protected from scratches and dents. Codinter Kayak Roller, Kayak Load Assist lets you mount your kayak on the roof of your car without doing anything extreme. They help take the weight of the craft while you lift it up car’s roof. Weight: 17 pounds Length: 2.8 inches Width: 5.3 inches Capacity: 100 pounds. Length: 6.75 inches Width: 27 inches Height: 2.7 inches Weight: 19 pounds. Seattle Sports Sherpak Suction Boat Roller Load Assist is compatible with almost all vehicles. The Yakima – BoatLoader is a telescoping kayak assist loader for both canoes and kayaks. Lightweight kayak carrier with load assist lets you quickly load and transport 1 kayak on your roof rack. You don’t have to ask your homie or your neighbour to give you a hand to get the kayak loaded onto the roof of the car. Your email address will not be published. Don't make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. The base of Thule 898Pro Hullavator Pro Kayak Lift System is resistant to corrosion which is a big advantage. Need a solution to easily load and unload your kayaks or ladders onto your vehicle? Written by Arthur G. Moore• June 10, 2020• The Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader assists you in loading your kayak, ladder, camping gear or other longer heavy items, onto your roof rack crossbars. They help take the weight of the craft while you lift it up car’s roof. Lift-assist kayak rack designs vary depending on the type of kayak rack. As an Amazon Associate. This kayak roller loader eliminates the struggle for solo car top boat loading. Out of the box, The Nautic 570 comes with everything you need to easily and safely load and transport one kayak on your roof rack system. The lightweight mount tilts down more than two feet from the roof rack, takes on up to 45% of the boat's weight, then helps gently raise it up to the top of the vehicle. All you have to do is to get your hands on this Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader Rack and everything around you will start falling in line. Even so, kayak loaders are useful to lift the kayaks atop your vehicle. The best thing about this Rhino Rack Universal Side Loader Rack is that it can easily be operated by a single person. As you lift, you’ll need to coordinate rotating the kayak less than 90 degrees in order to set the gunwale onto your J rack. The Yakima – BoatLoader is a telescoping kayak assist loader for both. 99. Fits on to vehicle’s roof bars; Suits cars, people carriers, 4x4s, vans; Suits kayaks, open canoes and sit-on … Rack & Roll Universal Loading Solution. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Depth: 4 inches Length: 41 inches Capacity: 132 pounds Width: 7 inches Weight: 10 pounds. Compatible with all current roof rack systems that feature a top bar channel. So, save your energy for the gruelling kayaking season ahead! Malone Stinger attaches to the rear SeaWing saddle to make loading a craft easy. Easy Load kayaks and canoe roof racks for cars & vans Safe, easy and secure loading of kayaks or canoes onto cars, people carriers, 4x4s and vans. It has got 36 inches wide cradles that can accommodate large and wide kayaks with ease. When he was young, he used to love kayaking in rapid III and rapid IV but as time went on, he decided to concentrate mainly on covering long distances on a standard touring kayak.